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Paris 2017: food & drink

Paris 2017: food & drink

Thursday Lunch @ Le Petit Marche -  Having just landed and dropped off our bags we needed lunch, quickly! Even at 1:30p this restaurant was packed, but they managed to squeeze us into a small table....

Paris 2017: picnic in Luxembourg Gardens

Paris 2017: picnic in Luxembourg Gardens

After visiting the Musée de l'Orangerie and several other sights on Sunday, we took the metro down to the Saint Germain area and picked up picnic supplies for a relaxing lunch in the Luxembourg...

Paris 2017: sights

Paris 2017: sights

On this trip we spent a lot of time inside the major museums and a palace, which will have their own posts. In between we wandered around the city enjoying the many Parisian sights, taking full...

Paris 2017: museums

Paris 2017: museums

Musée d'Orsay Wow. Just - wow. The Orsay covers mid-19th century to early 20th century, and simply has so many masterpieces. We visited on Thursday evening when they are open late until 9:45p, and...

Paris 2017: Château de Fontainebleau

Paris 2017: Château de Fontainebleau

We decided to skip the uber-famous Versailles in favor of Fontainebleau in the hopes of much smaller crowds, and it worked out well for us. The trickiest part may have been figuring out the trains...

Paris 2017: introduction

Paris 2017: introduction

In February 2017 I had an important decision to make - should I share a good deal ($385) on flights from Raleigh to Paris with Leandra? If I did, it would mean returning, and while it was nice...

wrapping up Paris

We only had four days, two of which we spent watching clay-court tennis, so to be fair, our experience in Paris was a brief one. We liked our hotel, it was a tiny, but clean, room on a quiet street...

Sharapova vs. Safina, Roland Garros

We weren't sure about the rules for photography at the French Open so we only brought my little camera on the first day. Once Eric witnessed the massive camera gear hauled around by various...

Seine River cruise

On our first night in Paris we took an hour-long cruise along the Seine to various landmarks in Paris. We passed under some beautiful bridges and circled by the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. We...

where in the world are E & L?

Hi everyone! We have been back in the USA for under 24 hours and Eric is already on another plane back to NC for an interview. He will be checking in on our house and yard and I am praying that at...

Roland Garros!

A quick update while I am connected to some sketchy internet on the fourth floor balcony of our Barcelona apartment. Roland Garros was wonderful, we got to see several doubles matches but the...

Notre Dame

After a lot of flying, an easy transfer in Barcelona, and some trouble negotiating Orly airport, we are finally in the heart of Paris! We are both completely exhausted due to the car, plane, and bus...

Roland Garros tickets, translated

Today I got an email with all our French Open tickets attached! Hooray! The first thing I did was translate the entire ticket since it's in French and I needed to know why all the tickets have my...

French Open, here we come!

I previously wrote about how long we were going to have to wait before we found out if we actually got the French Open tickets we bought registered in advance for last November. Well, the wait is...

so much for instant gratification

So far, we only have one big trip planned for this year, but (of course) that can change at a moment's notice with us! :) Eric has a conference in Barcelona in early June, so he came up with the...

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