Paris 2017: picnic in Luxembourg Gardens

by | Nov 18, 2017 | International Travel, Travel

After visiting the Musée de l’Orangerie and several other sights on Sunday, we took the metro down to the Saint Germain area and picked up picnic supplies for a relaxing lunch in the Luxembourg Gardens.

and a ham and cheese baguette...  buying champagne...  

We chose a bottle of chilled champagne from La Dernière Goutte, a ham & cheese baguette from Cul de Cochon, and a chocolate tart topped with gold leaf from Gérard Mulot. I had saved nice plastic cups from our first hotel, so we had vessels for the bubbly.

pouring champagne in the park

champagne and a chocolate tart

A big band was playing in the pavilion and the people watching in the park was very entertaining. Once we finished our picnic, we wandered the grounds, enjoying the landscaping and watching families sail their rented boats in the small lake in front of the palace.

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

If the weather is good you will not be the only people here on a weekend, but I highly recommend a trip here regardless.

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