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2012 Books: October

Absolutely no books were read this month. I think it was a combination of reading ahead for book club and extra work. Will try and do better in November... We did take a trip to Chicago and hiked in...

2012 Books: September

2012 Books: September

      Neverwhere This book is a must-read for Neil Gaiman fans. It's a magical and sinister fairy tale about a young man who helps a distressed girl and his life is forever altered by the...

2012 Books: August

2012 Books: August

    Blackout The final installment of the Newsflesh Trilogy was probably my most favorite book of the three. Everything comes together in this novel and like the previous books, some characters get...

2012 Books: July

2012 Books: July

    The Curse of the Pharaohs It took me quite a bit longer to get into the second Amelia Peabody mystery... not sure if I just wasn't feeling the story or if it was so completely different than the...

2012 Books: June

2012 Books: June

I have been on a roll lately with my 24 books a year goal, so I upped it to 30 books. Challenge! Pure While I would never have picked this book up on my own, once again I am branching out do to my...

2012 Books: May

Feed My book club book for this month, Feed was a quick and interesting read. Normally Eric is the one reading zombie novels (in fact, he read this after me) but I was intrigued by the news aspect...

2012 Books: April

All That Lives Must Die I read the first book in the Mortal Coils series last year on our trip to Thailand and was waiting for a good time to break open the sequel. The story centers around twins...

2012 Books: March

The Sense of an Ending I read this book on our recent trip to Chile after hearing about it on NPR. The hardest part of the book for me was getting over liking the main character. He's just not a...

2012 Books: February

Room I read this on my most recent flight to London. Not only was it a quick read but I found myself thinking about the characters event after I was finished. This novel is written from the...

2012 Books: January

Inspired by two active book clubs and Holly Burns' 2011 book list, I am planning to read at least two books a month this year and I'll be posting monthly reviews and links to the books as a progress...

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