Scandinavian summer weekend: food and drink

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Eating in Copenhagen is expensive so we mostly rely on snacks whenever possible. It just so happens that snacks go well with… beer!

Brew Pub Copenhagen
Our first beer place of the trip was BrewPub Copenhagen. They serve several of their own beers on draft and a range of snacks and meals. Their courtyard is very charming in the summer with lots of covered tables. Seating on the right side is first come first serve and you order at the bar. I choose the imperial porter and Eric ordered the dunkelweizen. We also ordered ‘German pretzels’ which turned out to be just a cup full of skinny pretzels sticks. For $4. Other patrons were getting a variety of food and seemed happy with what they were eating but we did notice several tables with half-drunk beers on them. Rather silly since beers are on average ~$8 for a pint. Our selections were solid and the setting was pleasant… not a bad start to our trip.

Mikkeller Bar
beers @ Mikkeller BarAt this point Eric reminded me to tweet my DrupalCon friend who lived in town so we met up at the Mikkeller Bar. While waiting, a fellow American, Evan, introduced himself and the four of us wound up hanging out for the rest of the evening. I tried an Arberg aged beer (good but tasted like scotch), Larsen’s Ruin, and a Monks Elixer quad that came on the menu late. Eric had the spontaneous lambic (his favorite) and Funk-E ale. Evan bought a sour that he shared with us as well as a meat and cheese plate. We left feeling buzzed and happy.

Eric wanted another lambic at Mikkeller on Sunday night so we walked back to that side of town and grabbed a spot on a bench outside. I downed two glasses of water with my 18% barleywine but I was definitely feeling tipsy by then. Not nearly enough food in my system for this kind of drinking!

Ørsted Ølbar
We were a bit tired of walking (after spending the day in Malmo) when we discovered that one of the pubs I had marked on the map was nearby, so we stopped in at Orsted Orbar for a quick pint. It looked more like a locals place with an interesting selection of beers on draft and lots of couches and tables with seats to relax. I had a Beer Here Harwood Brown Porter and Eric had a small pilsner.

Orsted Olbar

sipping an Evil Twin beer @ TaphouseTourist-ed out and with tired feet on Sunday afternoon we headed to Taphouse, a two-month old bar that had a dizzying array of choices on draft. We spent the first hour following the tennis final on my phone and then chatted with the bartender as the place was empty and seemed a bit lonely.

Eventually we met one of the owners, Lars, and chatted about beer types, travel and how they choose what beers to offer. I had the Evil Twin Biscotti Break and the Mikkeller Black Hole. Both very strong and dark. Eric had a Polish triple to start then a Danish hefeweizen. There were never more than three of four people in here for the whole time so it was easy to find a place to sit. Recommended.

For a nightcap, we stopped at Lidkoeb so Eric could end the night with a whisky. We definitely preferred this area of town over the more tourist areas. Unfortunately, the cheese plate we wanted wasn’t available but it was still nice to sit outside and enjoy the late light after a long day of exploring.


Pizzeria La Fiorita
For our only proper dinner in Copenhagen we went to Pizzeria La Fiorita and split a margarita pizza for 48kr (about $8) – a great deal. We grabbed a table outside and people-watched while devouring our pizza.

On Sunday, after walking through the university botanical gardens and museum, we wandered back toward the Nørreport Metro to browse the Torvehallerne stalls. There were many food items to choose from: tapas, porridge, baked goods, sweets and fresh produce. Eric couldn’t resist the fresh raspberries, and after wandering around so more we also purchased an incredibly light foccacia bread, a ciabatta roll, a glass of rose (for Eric) and a brown ale (for me). Thank goodness for internet in foreign countries because a quick Google check prevented me from accidentally buying a licorice version of the brown ale. Ick! Thankfully we found a shady bench on the south side of the market to get off our feet for half hour. After we finished our breads, I went back for a chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter truffle for dessert.



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