Scandinavian summer weekend: Bella Sky Comwell

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Bella Sky Comwell

We landed in Copenhagen around 10:30am, quickly cleared customs, and picked up our 72 hour city card before locating the hotel shuttle. The shuttle ride took less than ten minutes from the airport and dropped us off right in front of the lobby – easy!

Our room wasn’t quite ready yet so we camped in the lobby for 20 minutes and reviewed our notes for the stay.

our hotel - Bella Sky
the impressive architecture of our hotel

Once a manager had okayed the room, 2103, we were given our key card and shown to the elevators. I loved that the elevators were fast and that you called one by typing in your room number on a pad. The pad would then display which of the five elevators was coming for you and the floor number would already be selected when you got on. Pretty snazzy.

cph-205  cph-206
our room from the hallway; our view

Room 2103 was small but the bed was comfy and a large floor to ceiling window took up one entire wall. Blackout drapes were also present… thank goodness because the sun rose around 4:30am!

The bathroom was large with both a rain shower and handheld option. Note that the while the bathroom had a door, there were two floor to ceiling glass panels on the wall facing the bed with light frosting. We had a king bed which was two twins pushed together with our own duvets which we really liked!

watching the World Cup
fans watching the World Cup in the hotel lobby

Wifi was free and open and there was never a problem getting online with all of our devices. The buffet breakfast was extensive with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage along with a variety of cold meats and cheeses, pastries and bread options. Even the juice and coffee were serve-yourself which was good considering the busyness each morning. Given the cost of restaurants in Copenhagen, breakfast was a really good option for us to save money on this trip.

It was about a five minute walk to the subway and then a ten minute ride to get to the city. We found this to be perfectly reasonable and considering the deal we got compared to other properties downtown, we could spend more money at Mikkeller. :)

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