Bali: snorkeling at Menjangan Island

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After breakfast on the water we walked over to the dive center where we first completed some paperwork and were given fins. While there we met Carolyn, an American working in SE Asia who would also be snorkeling with us.

Our boat left around 9am for the north side of Menjangan island. The morning was calm and we had good views of the coast and the island temple.

temple on Menjangan Island

coral reef

Our first dive site was ‘Sandy Slopes’ and was aptly named for the white sandy bottom; however, it quickly gave way to an amazing reef. Water clarity was very good which let us see a wide range of fish plus many hard and soft corals. Needless to say I took lots of underwater photos!

munchy munchy

pacific blue clam



bright blue starfish!

soft coral

The water temperature was very comfortable so we snorkeled for about 50 minutes before swimming back to the boat. We then motored to a new spot, Coral Garden, for lunch and a half hour break. The current was stronger at the second dive so it became more of a drift dive. Leandra was having problems with her mask so she went back to boat early, but I had to be coaxed out the water.

coral detail

crown of thorns starfish

a rare sighting of the Whitus touristi

huge fish getting a cleaning

The boat trip back to the resort was short and we were back at the dock by 1pm.

mountain view fom the water
view of the bay off the dock

The next day we decided to relax on the quiet resort beach and snorkel off the dock. Mangroves surround the dock so the fish here tended to be more juvenile, but still a nice experience considering all you had to do was drop in.

coral and fish

hello there!    curious fish

longfin batfish


In fact, there are even interesting fish on the beach (and out of the water)!

mudskippers in the mangroves

Diving off Menjangan was probably the best snorkeling I’ve experienced so far and a highlight of our trip. It was well worth the long trip out to the far end of Bali to enjoy it.

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