Bali: Menjangan to Ubud

by | Jun 20, 2014 | International Travel, Travel

Bali roadside viewAfter cooling off from our morning trek we called for a ride to the reception area and completed our noon checkout. Our driver was already there so our bags were transferred to his vehicle and we began the long drive to Ubud. After several days in the National Park it was again surprising how many people were on or near the road. When planning the trip we had considered Lovina Beach, but it was not as natural as I had imagined from guide book descriptions So many houses and buildings and not nearly enough beach.

Our driver this day spoke less English so the ride was quieter. However, he, like several other drivers, mentioned the levels of corruption and other governmental issues in Indonesia. It was a good reminder to be grateful for what we do have in the U.S.

The main stop for the day was Gitgit waterfall. In retrospect, we probably should have skipped this tourist trap. As we exited the car, touts/guides were charging to escort people and the entire way was lined with shops. The path to the waterfall is downhill, and at least there were reasonably well maintained concrete steps and pretty views. Lots of different fruit and nut trees too.

Gitgit Falls
Gitgit waterfall

We should have listened to TA on this one and ignored the ‘official’ guides, but at least we weren’t hassled by other shops. We’ll blame it on being tired :) Our driver didn’t know/suggest twin falls up the road either… boo.

After this brief leg-stretcher, we continued on to Ubud, and as with everything on Bali it was more populated and dense than expected.

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