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(long overdue post from April 2010)

Peach & Quiet, Christ Church

We only stayed here for one night before our flight to Dominica the following day. I am so very glad we didn’t try to find this place on our own in the dark because we would probably still be looking. The 15 minute ride from the airport cost us about $20 each way and was worth it. We arrived fairly late, around 10:30pm, but a man was waiting to show us to our room and let us know where we could get a cold beer or cocktail if we wanted. The room was pretty basic with two double beds and a small patio area. One downside was the lack of air-conditioning, we had to run the portable fan all night to keep the room comfortable.

Breakfast was a reasonable price with fresh fruits, baked goods and cereals and overall, it was a nice spot to find a covered cabana and relax in anticipation for our adventures in Dominica!

Peach & Quiet
the grounds, our room was on the ground floor all the way at the end

Peach & Quiet view
beautiful southern coastline views from the hotel property

Beach View, Paynes Bay, St James

For our second stay on Barbados, we choose the Beach View resort because of it’s location to many restaurants in Holetown and good beaches. Our suite was very large with a spacious living room area, kitchen and balcony. While we drove around the first day, we decided to stay in and just enjoy the ocean views the following morning. A hot breakfast was included in our room rate but you better get there right at 10am to get a shaded table! I also thought 10am was pretty late to start offering breakfast, we usually like to be out and about by then.

The management offered to pick up a few grocery items for us in advance, so we put in an order of beer, cheese and bread because we were arriving late and didn’t want to have to venture out to find dinner. When we arrived, the fridge was empty. The thought of trying to find a grocery store at 9pm was a little daunting, especially considering we got turned around a few times simply getting to the hotel, so we convinced the security guard to call the owner and ask about the food.  He quickly called us back apologizing for the missing food and told us to go out to eat at a local place and give him the bill the next morning. So we did. A great example of taking a bad situation and making things right above our expectations.

I think this place would be perfect for a reunion or large family gathering. Our suite had three bedrooms, but only the large one in the back was open for our use. I would definitely stay here again.

our pool
a refreshing pool

the view of the hotel from our gigantic porch

our suite

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