Curaçao, the resort

by | Oct 25, 2007 | Travel

For the record, we know that we are not all-inclusive people. While I don’t deny the convenience of not having to pay extra/carry money for meals (and drinks), I would rather have the freedom of choosing where I eat. Breakfast is truly the only meal we ever want included in a hotel stay.

We used airline miles for our plane tickets, so we wanted to continue the trend of keeping costs low by finding a good deal for our resort. Unfortunately, our first choice was booked for half our stay, so the best deal was the Breezes all-inclusive resort.

In general, the grounds were fine. We never had any trouble finding a place to put our stuff on the beach (although this is more likely due to the fact that we were there during low season) and the location was great, about 10 minutes into town.

However, the disappointments began to stack up.

Our first problem was the room—we booked an ocean front suite and what we actually got was a (ground-level) ocean view suite. Even then our ocean view was blocked by a disco that played loud music until 2am.


The resort website made it seem that the ocean front suites were actually on the beach, but this isn’t actually true for any of the rooms in the hotel. At best they only have ocean view rooms. My sister’s suite was two floors above ours and although she had a better view, the resort’s huge trapeze set-up on the beach marred what would have been a lovely view of the sunset.

The food was hit and miss; the Japanese restaurant and buffet were edible at best, but the Italian restaurant was actually pretty tasty.

Curaçao is not known for its tourism service mentality and this was clear on many levels at our resort. The bartenders were very friendly, but the restaurant service was poor, if it existed at all.

We visited a few other resorts during our visit to make a mental note of places we could stay if and when we returned. If a deal came up, I would definitely take a trip back, I just wouldn’t stay at the Breezes resort.

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