Muckross House and Torc Waterfall

by | Nov 20, 2008 | Travel

Our first stop on the second day after a hearty breakfast at our B&B on our way through Killarney National Park was the Muckross House. We decided not to do the house tour but instead walked around the grounds all the while becoming damper and damper in the misty rain. Unexpectedly, there were a few rose bushes still in bloom, even in mid-November!

Muckross House and Gardens

We decided against walking to the Torc waterfall from the house as the rain was getting stronger and Eric’s rain coat was absorbing more than it was repelling. Instead, we drove a little further down the road and after a short stroll on a leaf-littered, paved path, we reached the base of the falls.

Torc waterfall


There was no one else around and the setting was very lovely… here’s a short video I took of the scene with Eric’s camera set-up making an appearance. :)

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