Leandra’s 40th: food & drink

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Food & Drink, Travel, USA Travel


First day in the city, we checked into the hotel then walked a few blocks to a cider place nearby – Cider Riot!. Eric had a nice collaboration triple with cascade while I had the dry hopped cider.

enjoying a cider @ Cider Riot!

Afterwards we grabbed a Lyft to dinner at Little Bird Bistro. There was a 15 min wait to be seated even though we arrived on time to our reservation. I started my meal with one of each of the (pricey, but good) oysters, then I had the steak tartare — under seasoned — though the sauce was nice. Eric had mixed green salad (very mixed; some pieces were quite bitter) and the coq au vin fried chicken which had a really nice sauce but the chicken skin needed to be a little crispier. The accompanying potatoes were great. Overall the meal was good, but we wouldn’t rush back.

Our next stop was the Multnomah Whisk(e)y Library. An old fashioned with Laphroaig for Eric and I got an amazing, fancy cocktail off the specials list that I can’t remember the name of! We had a wait a bit until some seats became available upstairs but we got lucky so we celebrated with a dram each under a fancy chandelier.

Multnomah Whisk(e)y Library


For breakfast we got tacos at the Pepper Box Cafe.  Everything was tasty and we liked the red sauce better than the green.

Eric's breakfast tacos @ Pepper Box Cafe  

After our hike at Mirror Lake we stopped into the Glacier Haus Bistro for some snacks and a beer.



After a full day of wine tasting we relaxed at Ruddick/Wood for a light dinner where we split a flatbread and fries. We followed this up with a trip to Jem 100 for ice cream.


We hiked Silver Falls State Park all day and didn’t feel like sitting down to dinner somewhere so we opted for takeout from Storrs Smokehouse. It was near closing time when we arrived so the meat was a little dry but it had really good flavor. The spicy sauce is no joke!


Headed back into the city for the Broods concert, stopping at Toro Bravo for dinner then Baileys Taproom to pregame!


Eric found this location of Cameo Cafe (known for a Korean influence) close to our hotel, so I had to get the kimchi omelet with bulgogi. My giant omelet also came with a four-person portion of hashbrowns. The table next to us wisely decided to split this dish between two people when they saw it delivered to my table… Needless to say, I did not finish all of this and also didn’t eat anything else until dinner.

my ginormous breakfast @ Cameo Cafe East  

Thankfully I was able to burn off some calories on a few hikes in the Columbia River Gorge!


Tin Shed Garden Cafe for breakfast before heading to the airport for our early afternoon flight home. Great food options, we loved the potato cakes and the biscuits. Eric got the eggs and a passion fruit lemonade, while I ordered a bennie and refilled my own coffee as needed.

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