Our new waterfront property!

by | Sep 6, 2008 | Daily life, House

As has been in the news, Tropical Storm Hanna passed over the Carolinas today. We started getting rain yesterday afternoon, and overnight, the main portion of the storm passed over the Triangle. The wind wasn’t too bad, but we did get a bunch of rain, and eventually woke up to this:

waterfront property!

Most of the front yard was under water, especially the drainage area along the road:


Now, this doesn’t look like much, but it’s at least 4+ feet deep in the middle! In fact, I was standing in about 6″ of water while standing on our driveway taking this shot.


The backyard has a small “dry”creek that flows during heavy rain conditions, and this is the most water flow I’ve ever seen.


All of our gutters are connected to a drainage network that carries water away from the house – at the low part in the front corner of the house there was too much water pressure from all the other gutters, sending the water shooting up the drainage. In this shot I pulled it away from the house to let the water flow away from the house a bit.

We didn’t get any pictures of Riesling in this, but needless to say, she was a wet mess after going out in the morning and was not amused.

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