which would you rather be?

by | Oct 12, 2007 | Daily life, Silly

I finally found a wonderful hairstylist to call my very own and whilst sitting in her chair she asked me if I had any kids. I said no, but we did have a dog and she and I agreed that it was a lot of work just to have an animal around, nevermind children.

When I relayed this story to Eric before bed, he said that we were called DINKs—double income, no kids. I countered that we were more like OINKs—one income, no kids.

Gratefully, my freelance work has been steady the last two weeks. Elizabeth was recommended to a big marketing firm in Los Angeles by her old employer and before we knew it, we’ve created an ad campaign for the SPCA. I don’t know how long this good fortune will last, but I plan on enjoying it to the fullest right now.

Maybe we’re MINKs—multiple income, no kids? :)

(I could do this all day.)

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