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dinner antics

Riesling has taken to "killing" various toys which she then presents to me for both breakfast and dinner. I can only imagine that this is her idea of a trade. :) These antics are ramped up...

friendliest bird in San Diego

You know how, most of the time, when you stop to look at birds they scatter or fly away? Well... sometimes they make a beeline right for you. I actually had to back away from this character because...

the reception, part 2

Ok, so what left... hmmm. There were some introductions and funny dances... The cake was cut and fed to the other party in a polite manner as captured by my brother's iPhone which I don't think he...

wine bottle oopsie

This post about embarrassing moments in bottle opening over on Dr. Vino had me thinking back to Eric's mishap with a fancy and extremely hard to use bottle opener in Montana. We managed to get most...

at least it’s descriptive

I received a bunch of full size photos (Lauren, dear, you need to learn how to resize them. please.) from my sister last night showing her actual wedding dress and hair trial run. I can't share any...

Fisherman’s Wharf

On Sunday morning, my folks and I walked around Fisherman's Wharf to see how they make sourdough animals, do a little window shopping and experience a concert by the Unauthorized Rolling Stones...

Valentine’s Day, 1998

Three months into our relationship Leandra made me these cookies: How could I not be smitten?  Neither of us are big on Valentine's day, but we do like an excuse for a special meal. ToniteLeandra is...

Christmas is ruff

We're all a bit tired from our trip up to NY, but Riesling is definitely the worst off: At this point she's wishing for an early dinner and and an early bedtime for Christmas Eve. If she gets a new...

amusing signage at A Southern Season

All the deli items at A Southern Season have little icons to let you know if it's a sheep or cow milk cheese and little flags to tell you if that jamon you are buying is actually from Spain. (Some...

Oregon waterfalls, part 2: Multnomah to Elowah

To get the first part of the story, check out Oregon waterfalls, part 1: Latourell to Wahkeena. Multnomah Falls. The most photographed waterfall in Oregon and the second tallest falls in the United...

A funny travel link

We're suckers for silly signs, and a recent post on the travel blog Gadline had a great roundup of 10 hilarious bathroom signs.

Segways in Raleigh (updated)

Thursday afternoon I went with the rest of my lab on a Segway tour of downtown Raleigh with Triangle Segway. We went up Fayetteville Street to the Raleigh State Capitol. And past the governors...


The Eurocup football/soccer tournament started while we were in Barcelona several weeks ago, so we were able to watch Spain play on local TV. While we didn't understand much of the announcing, the...

vote for Riesling!

We entered this photo of Riesling 'grinning' into the Snapfish Funny Pets contest. Voting is open all week, so head on over and give our pup five stars... you have until the end of the day on...

relationships according to Facebook

I have been playing around on Facebook for a few months now but Eric has resisted until recently. You'd be surprised as to how much effort it takes to be recognized as 'in a relationship' with...

stuffed bunny carnage

Riesling was being unusually quiet on her own downstairs this morning and anyone with pets knows that means she's typically up to something both fun (for her) and naughty. Bunny! I nearly laughed...

oh, Hillary…

For those of you who haven't wasted a whole afternoon on the website,, here's your chance. (You simply refresh the page and each time you get a new "outrageous characteristic"...

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