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by | Sep 19, 2007 | Canine, Daily life

The beauty (and the problem) with online shopping is that you wake up in the morning and have no plans whatsoever to buy anything and then your husband sends you a link from SlickDeals about Amazon’s discounted light fixtures and four days later you have a new chandelier for your dining room.

For example.

The good news is that we badly needed to replace this fixture, it’s pretty ugly. But we never go in there except to lift weights and mix drinks so spending a small fortune on a new light was at the bottom of our list of spending ideas.

The current chandelier…


(The Phaaaaaaantom of the Operaaaaa is theeeerrrreee, insiiiiiide your miiiiind…)

Eric’s parents will be here on Friday and I’m sure his dad will be delighted to help us hang the new light (*waving hello*), because otherwise it will sit in the box until we can scrape together some time to do it ourselves. Which may be never.

At least Riesling got a kick out of the box it came in. :)

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