the true problem with online ordering

by | Jul 26, 2006 | Daily life

Before moving to North Carolina, I used to casually assume that stuff we ordered online would get to us in one piece, undamaged.

Ha! Ahhhhh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Let’s take a look at a few items we’ve received over the last year and a half, shall we?

The fact that CompUSA sent this without any protective packaging is simply ridiculous… but because this battery backup weighs about 20 pounds, I’d like to think it fought back.

This was a sad casualty caused by UPS, although Amazon did ship us a Dyson vacuum in its original box. The guy actually apologized when he dropped this off (we were entertaining an apartment full of people at the time, so we didn’t reject it outright). We opened the box to find the “factory reconditioned” vacuum crushed in several places. The entire thing is made out of plastic, and not very strong plastic, apparently… when we returned it, Amazon had sold out of the model we wanted. I am now leary of buying another Dyson, period.

Thankfully our new Canon Rebel XT wasn’t damaged, but it wasn’t for lack of trying on UPS’ part.

We saw this sitting on our front porch when we got home from work today. That is the receipt (which is supposed to be inside the box) sitting on top. Now, I have a very hard time believing Amazon let a package leave their warehouse looking like this. If this is what two-day shipping looks like, I’m glad I cancelled my trial Amazon Prime membership. Plus, they could have used an extra two inches of tape on either side to prevent the box from opening up the moment it was thrown in the truck.


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