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by | Sep 7, 2007 | Daily life

Seven novels in five weeks. My Harry Potter marathon is over and wow, am I glad to have experienced this slice of pop culture. These stories are fantastic and having seen the movies in advance did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm of the books.

Eric is about halfway through with The Goblet of Fire… he’s been wanting to read these novels too and since we now have the entire series (mostly borrowed) laying around the house, he figured now is the time. :)

With the amount of time I spend online, it took some serious luck to not hear how the series ended, and I, like everyone else I talked to, cried for most of the end. (Makes it hard to read, I must say.)

I’m hardly going to post a review here, but I will say that if you haven’t picked one up… make the time. Totally worth it.

(I cannot believe the page total actually turned out to be a round number!)

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