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driving topless

Oh behave! :) Our rental car reservation was for a boring old compact car but we were offered our choice of "premium" cars when we got to the counter. Eric grabbed the sheet and immediately pointed...

which would you rather be?

I finally found a wonderful hairstylist to call my very own and whilst sitting in her chair she asked me if I had any kids. I said no, but we did have a dog and she and I agreed that it was a lot of...

NC Museum of Art, on Google Maps

I heard about this awhile back, but was reminded of it recently... this is the satellite view of the art museum in Raleigh. Notice anything? They used various elements, including the outdoor stadium...

Traveler comments

I'm not a big fan of top 10 or top 25 lists, but this one made me laugh out loud so I felt the need to share it: Traveler comments that make you say "Duh!" Sadly, I'm sure these are all real. I...

Riesling wearing her rope

Oddly enough, we didn't put the rope on her - she flipped it onto her back and walked around like this for a few minutes...


When deciding on a game console a few years back, both Eric and I thought long and hard between the GameCube, Xbox, and PS2 and because we are such fans of the Nintendo-brand games (Zelda, Mario,...


E: That's the woman with the two crazy dogs. L: Well, at least she allows us to poop in her yard. E: Hun, I think that only applies to Riesling.


We had good light in the living room early this afternoon so I took some shots of Riesling and Leandra. trust me, this pose didn't last long. my two girls. don't worry, Leandra wasn't harmed in the...

my celebrity dopplegangers

(yeah right.) I can maybe see Tiffani(-Amber) Thiessen and Drew Barrymore, but Michael Phelps? Hmm. Silliness courtesy of

Riesling vs. the front window

About two weeks ago we had some unseasonably warm weather which allowed us to open the windows for a bit. Since Riesling is enamored with the the smells and sounds of "outside," she was glued to the...

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas! It's warm here, and we got to open our presents at least 7 hours earlier than everyone in the Eastern Time Zone, so Christmas in Cape Town is pretty sweet :)

Riesling vs. frisbee

This most recent video installment features Riesling venting her frustration on a frisbee in the living room. YouTube video link The mini-schnauzer I had growing up, Mandy, used to do the exact same...

Ready for Christmas

Riesling is all ready for Christmas, as her garland necklace testifies: High on her Christmas list this year is a stuffed squirrel (well, her true wish is a real squirrel, but it'd be rather messy,...

Christmas music!

Normally I try to wait till Thanksgiving (week) to start Christmas music, but since we need to have our shopping done in three weeks, I figured I'd start a little earlier. I usually start with Bing...

Our Itinerary

2024 Trips

San Diego, CA (Jan)
Sarasota, FL (Feb)
Valencia, Spain (Mar)
Mallorca (Apr)
Croatia (May)
Faroe Islands (Aug)
London, UK (Sept)
Bari, Italy (Sept)</br />Rome, Italy (Oct)
Frankfurt, Germany (Oct)

2022 Trips

Florida (Feb)
NC Mountains (Apr)
Washington DC (Apr)
Valencia, Spain (May)
Hilton Head, SC (May)
Pacific NW (Jun)
Long Island (Jul)
Florida (Sept)
Chicago (Sept)
Poland (Sept)
NC Mountains (Nov)
Euro Xmas Markets (Dec)