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A new entertainment center

For the past ten years we've had an entertainment center that has survived two moves, successively larger TVs, and its share of scrapes and dings. Last Thursday we cleaned it out in preparation for...

a March of conferences

The last few weeks have seen me in both Chicago and Washington DC for business-related conferences. I met a ton of great people and handed out business cards left and right. Not to mention that I...

Finally published

Several weeks ago I had a paper from my UNC days accepted to PLOS Genetics... today it was officially released online: "Systematic Identification of Balanced Transposition Polymorphisms in...

a book report on Earth: the sequel

I just finished reading "Earth: The Sequel: The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming" and I came away from it really inspired by all the different ideas people have to limit, and even...

Our recent Dish drama

Remember that new roof we got a few weeks back?  Our two Dish Network dishes were taken down as part of the process, with a scheduled reinstallation the following day. Thus began two weeks of...

Google Chrome, first impressions

Google just released their version of a internet browser called Google Chrome, so I installed it this afternoon. In fact, I'm writing this post inside Chrome. So far it imported my bookmarks and...

Segways in Raleigh (updated)

Thursday afternoon I went with the rest of my lab on a Segway tour of downtown Raleigh with Triangle Segway. We went up Fayetteville Street to the Raleigh State Capitol. And past the governors...

The US, interactively

I'm a sucker for data, and today I saw an interesting interactive map of the US on the MSNBC news website that lets you view data such as age of population, education, wealth/poverty levels, etc by...

Redesigning our waterfall photo index

Over the last few months I've been working on a new way to update our collection of waterfall photos. Previously, we would add new waterfalls by hand into the respective state and county indices....

Our new (convertible) luggage

We've gotten great use out of our Samsonite luggage over the last few years, and while they're in surprisingly good shape, on a few occasions I've wanted something a bit more mobile. Over the past...

Home theater upgrade, part 2

I've been eying a new receiver for our home theater for the last year, and after a good bit of research, I decided to get an Onkyo (TX-SR705). Of course, I needed to get a good deal on it, so for...

Interviewing in Oregon

I've spent a good chunk of today in the air, flying to Oregon for an interview this week. Thankfully I had my Zen media player with me, allowing me to watch several episodes of the Long Way Around,...

we finally have a HD DVD player

For those that don't know, for the past several years a format war has been taking place over the next generation of DVDs. The two competing formats are HD DVD and BluRay. Both offer a...

I’ll tell you where to go!

Eric surprised me with a Garmin StreetPilot c530 portable unit as an anniversary gift this year. He told me to be expecting a UPS package because he ordered an extra drive for his computer. Silly me...

History via Wikipedia

For those that don't know, Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is editable by nearly anyone on the internet. It is a great resource - but, as with any information source, some skepticism...

RDU BarCamp

RDU BarCamp

I attended my very first un-conference today. The setup is as follows: a whole bunch of like-minded people show up (in this case, mostly programmers), and pitch ideas for sessions which then go up...


When deciding on a game console a few years back, both Eric and I thought long and hard between the GameCube, Xbox, and PS2 and because we are such fans of the Nintendo-brand games (Zelda, Mario,...

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