Florida’s Sun Coast: Sarasota sights

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During our two weeks in Sarasota we were a 10 minute walk from Crescent Beach so we visited multiple evenings.

Even when the color wasn’t great we were entertained watching the pelicans and terns diving into the water.

While exploring Siesta Key, Eric spotted a small advert for the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. The ‘parade’ had been rescheduled due to rain, so I walked over before our dinner at Miguel’s to see them – they were so big!

On several afternoons we also checked out local wildlife/bird spots. Red Bug Slough Preserve is a small park located in the heart of Sarasota with trails around a small pond and canal. The parking lot was under construction as of January but open in February and had plenty of spaces. We saw a green heron, a small blue heron and a great blue heron, a roseate spoonbill that was flying away and several red eared slider turtles that swam right up to us by the dock. Lots of people walking their dogs.

roseate spoonbill in flight

great blue heron

little blue heron (and turtle)

The second spot we tried was Celery Fields – absolutely awesome bird watching! The first time we arrived around 3:30pm and stayed for two hours, walking to two boardwalks and admiring the many, many birds: red-winged blackbirds, blue jays, common and boat-tailed grackles, roseate spoonbills, common gallinules and anhingas. On a second visit we returned at 10am and saw a bunch of birds again, including nesting sandhill cranes, an alligator, and a great blue heron fight!

glossy ibis

nesting sandhill cranes ‘singing’ in unison at an intruder

an anhinga hanging out under the boardwalk

a very grassy turtle

common gallinule and tri-colored heron with two fish

great blue herons in flight

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