Seychelles: Praslin restaurants and takeaway

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Lobster Bay Restaurant
Our first dinner on Praslin, conveniently located just a 2 minute drive from our hotel with a few parking spots out front. We had stopped in earlier to make a reservation and while it wasn’t busy at 6:30, people without reservations had to sit outside after about 7:30.

I was in the mood for curry so I opted for the fish (tuna) while Eric got the chicken and pineapple option. The rice was so fluffy! We dared to taste the spicy condiment that was offered on the side but thought the dishes themselves were the right amount of spicy. I had a glass of the house red (Merlot) which was fine, a generous pour. Eric had the delicious local ginger ale from Sey Pearl.

We went back the following day for takeout but the margarita pizza was clearly frozen and just heated up, not impressed.

After several other restaurants fell through we ended up back again on our last night. This time I ordered the fish burger and Eric had the cheeseburger. The food took over an hour to come out and the ‘homemade fish patty with local spices’ was basically a breaded fish filet with Creole sauce on a huge bun. Eric’s burger was better and the fries were fine. We arrived to a packed restaurant and we’re glad we had reservations.

Overall, Lobster Bay is hit and miss depending on what you order but the curries were among the best we had on our two week trip.


St Annes Baie Supermarket Praslin
Many of the mini markets in Praslin were the same but this one stood out in terms of a large selection of wine and lots of imported foods. We bought blue and cheddar cheese and a Spanish rose. Prices were high but still cheaper than eating at restaurants!

SRISAI Supermarket
Located close to our hotel, we had the best luck finding basics here like milk, juice and granola along with other snacks and fresh bread. Recommended. There is a takeaway place next door that has good reviews but they were out of food when we stopped in, so we never tried it.

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