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La Perle Noire Restaurant
This was our first night on the island, and we arrived right as they were opening at 6pm. Even though the restaurant was fully booked, the owner kindly gave us a table reserved for 7:30pm and we promised to be fast. All during our meal we saw groups of people without reservations turned away. Eric got the ham wrapped figs with goat cheese and I ordered the smoked fish tartare. Delicious and just the correct amount of food for our confused brains! We also each got a glass of the house wine for 95scr (~$7) – red for me and rose for Eric. Mine came out quite cold but warmed up quickly. We ate outside which was very nice, but I got a few bug bites during our meal. I would recommend some bug spray.

The Boat House Restaurant
Unbeknownst to us, Nov 1 is a public holiday (All Saints Day) in the Seychelles, so it took several tries to find an open restaurant after our Morne Blanc hike. After striking out at a few closed spots in Victoria we figured Beau Vallon was more likely to have open options. The beach was busy, but we found a parking spot next to the Boat House Spa. (We later discovered a free lot nearby, so I would try that next time). Many restaurants were closed but this beach spot was open and busy. We grabbed two stools with views across the road to the beach and ordered the house rum punch (for me) and a passionfruit mojito for Eric. Both drinks were strong and tasty (180scr or $13usd). We each got a curry, lamb for me and chicken for Eric. Our food took a long while to come out (apparently a large group ordered right before us) but at least we had our cocktails and people watching to keep us occupied. The food itself was very good with just the right amount of spice – enough to make your mouth tingle. I couldn’t finish my portion, so I got a to-go container (with a tinfoil lid!) and ate the rest for dinner. It re-heated well! The Boat House was one of our most expensive meals, but it was also better than many other spots we tried.

Leo’s Food Bus
Stopped here for take-away for Eric’s dinner. Our first food truck choice, Green Coconut, had taken down their curry menu when we walked back a second time, so we opted for the chicken and rice here. Smelled wonderful on the way home and reheated nicely for dinner. A great value at 100scr (~$7).

Sister’s Takeaway
After our hike to and from Anse Major we stopped for lunch takeaway. Run out of an unassuming trailer next to a bank parking lot, Sisters Takeaway has burgers and wraps, etc. The woman working there was very friendly and we both enjoyed our meals, a chicken wrap for Eric and their signature fish burger for me. All in for 150scr ($11). They only accept cash (scr) and there is no place to sit, so truly a take elsewhere and eat situation.

Rock Pool Restaurant
Eric wasn’t feeling that great due to a head cold and we had had a late lunch, so we opted for a place with some cheaper options. To drink I got a glass of the house red (a Shiraz from Australia) and Eric got a bottle of sparkling water. I ordered the Bolognese and Eric had the margarita pizza. The pizza was the better bet. My sauce was good but the noodles were stuck together and some were under cooked. The view was nice though and we saw several fruit bats land in the trees and snails eating palm leaves. Overall a good option if you want a less expensive meal with a view on the north end of the island. There are a few parking spots near the restaurant, extra luck if you can grab one of those!

MJ’s Café + Takeaway
We arrived at 12:30pm to a bunch of people waiting for the place to open (Google said they opened at noon). No menu posted. After about 10 minutes, the shutters opened and we lined up. I got the mixed rice dish with chicken and pork and Eric got the chicken curry with rice. We were both underwhelmed. The chicken was full of bones, a first for the curries we had on the islands. It wasn’t expensive but we’ve had much better food elsewhere (150scr total).

The Lunch Box
Located on Anse a la Mouche beach, they only had burgers, pizzas and fish and chips as the sun was setting. I got the last burger of the day, which was quite meager. A large bun with a teeny patty. We walked by later to see if the menu had changed but no luck. The next night we stopped by and they had curries! We split a chicken curry with lentils and rice and, again, the curry was full of bones. Ugh. The flavor was better than MJs but it was hard to enjoy while spitting out bones and chicken skin. Blech.

Le Reduit
Eric found this place via Google maps (though oddly we had to use to actually drive there, as Google didn’t have a road listed). It’s off the beaten path with some curvy, steep roads but nothing out of the ordinary for Mahe. We stopped by the night before to check out the menus, and decided to make reservations at table #1 by the windows for 6pm. We had the place to ourselves for the entire meal; well, us and the numerous geckos and fruit bats in the trees just beside the restaurant. We ordered a half carafe of South African Culemborg rosé, the chicken curry (filet = no bones!) and the octopus curry. Both curries came with rice and papaya salad and while both had good flavor, I feel like mine had more bay leaves than octopus. For 400src (~$28) I would have liked more meat. Eric’s portion was generous though and he left full. The views and service were lovely but no air movement meant another sweaty meal.

Dzaya Pizza
Tired of curries (and wary of bones), we decided to have pizza for our last dinner on the islands. The restaurant is down a narrow, bumpy drive, but there is parking behind the restaurant for a few cars. Once you get there, the open-air decor is charming and the staff was friendly. We got a take-away Hawaiian pizza, a good deal at 150scr ($10.50). The pizza had really good flavor and quality ingredients – would have liked a crisper crust but that’s just being picky. Recommended.

Windsong Beach Restaurant
Located on the Kempinski Beach, we had a 500src credit each as part of our day passes, and using all of it was pretty easy, as they have resort pricing. I got the octopus curry (tasty, medium spice but some tough pieces) and Eric got the Caesar salad with tropical fruit. We each had a glass of South African wine and finished the meal off with the best passion fruit sorbet ever, like eating the actual fruit – amazing! We ate here because of the day pass credit but the service was friendly and lunch with a view of the waves and your feet in the sand has a lovely appeal.


STC hypermarket
Stopped here on the way to our apartment – got milk, pineapple and orange juice, granola, chocolate coconut biscuits and a 2014(!?) Nederberg sauvignon blanc. By far the largest market on any of the islands and prices seemed okay. Sadly for us it was closed on All Saints Day and Sunday afternoon.

SATHIYA Shopping Center
Very friendly cashier, asked us where we were visiting from, and had good selection of drinks with reasonable prices. We picked up a Sea Pearl ginger ale, Guinness, Lion extra strong and spiced rum punch during our stay.

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