NY Summer 2023: food

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Food & Drink, USA Travel

Over the weeks we were in NY we tried a lot of different food options, from restaurants with a view to farmstands and spots in between. Below are our notes:

July 2

We arrived in time to spend the holiday weekend with family – waiting for us was an enormous blueberry creme pie from Briermere Farms.

July 5

The Roadhouse, Riverhead – we met friends here for lunch and the picnic tables by the Peconic river made for a lovely afternoon. We both ordered subs, a meatball sub for me and a beef and cheese for Leandra. They were enormous, and we each took half home!

July 7

The Watershed, Jamesport – the entrance for the restaurant wasn’t immediately clear from the parking lot, so we ended up walking in through the patio rather than the front (which was apparently along the road…).  Service was a little strange to get started, possibly because a very large group was taking up one of the rooms. However, our food was tasty- my wedge salad with tomato, bacon and blue cheese was great, and Leandra was quite happy with the chorizo mussels and fries. Afterwards we walked to the beach for some nice views.

July 9

Demarchlier Bistro, Greenport – We had a late Sunday reservation following our ferry ride back from Connecticut. It was a blessedly cool evening following the heat of the weekend, so we sat outside on their porch. I wasn’t that hungry, so I stuck with the jambon de Bayonne, while Leandra ordered the steak tartar (and inadvertently got the entrée size). My mom tried the melon champagne soup, which was quite summery, and for dessert ordered the rum cake which was just as rum-forward as we remembered.

July 11

Black Sheep Bagel, Jamesport — I quite liked their bagels in 2022, and when then I read about the “Spicy Hobo” bagel sandwich, which features two eggs, bacon, pepper jack cheese, a hash brown and hot sauce. Given that it has all my favorite breakfast items I thought I had to try that. It was good, though I prefer the hash brown on the side. On a separate visit I went for the standard BEC on sesame, while Leandra tried the massive cheddar and jalapeno pretzel (easily two breakfasts!).


July 15

A’mano, Mattituck – Thankfully we had reservations, as it filled up quickly on a Saturday night (and got quite loud too). I was warned that the chicken parmesan was massive, but I figured it would make good leftovers – I was right, we got a dinner and two lunches worth! While the chicken parmesan was quite good, the side of pasta was forgettable. Leandra ordered the fig pizza which had a nice crust and lots of arugula, but less figs than previous editions.

July 19

Windamere, Mattituck –  One night on our way to the beach we saw their sign for happy hour, so we thought we’d check it out with my parents on a nice afternoon. Things were very quiet when we arrived, and the servers were quite confused over the happy hour menu and options. The cheeseburger was nice, char-grilled, and the fries were nicely crispy. The duck empanadas were also nicely filled, with a tasty remoulade sauce. Leandra enjoyed the baked clams and the shrimp tacos. One glass of wine was incorrectly added from the regular menu, but it wasn’t a big deal. We sat outside in the shade which gave us nice views of the creek, and it looked like lots of room on the lawn too.

July 21

Modern Snack Bar, Aquebogue – In what has become an annual tradition with family, we had dinner at the restaurant where my grandmother worked years ago. I had my usual grilled cheese and bacon, and Leandra tried the cheeseburger this year. Chocolate cream pie was also worth it!


July 23

The Shoppes at East Wind, Wading River –  Leandra missed out on the Cheese & Spice market in 2022, so we started there, finding a nice Shropshire blue (one of our faves) and an apple wood smoked finishing salt. A few stores down we returned to Ruggero’s for dinner, with the cavatelli and meatballs for Eric, and a lobster ravioli for Leandra. The portions are massive – even the small is really two meals, and the antipasti salad easily serves four as an appetizer.

After dinner we stopped at Tweets, where I got the Double Dunker ice cream – mocha base with oreo and cookie dough mixed in and Leandra got a decaf flat white.

July 25

Twisted Tacos, Mattituck –  This was a new restaurant on our list, and the non-traditional tacos looked interesting. I tried the al pastor (fine, but not that spicy) and the Cuban (which was just like a cuban sandwich, would get again). Leandra’s Korean bao bun was tiny, not a great value. Overall a bit messy and pricey.

Jan’s Chinese Food, Mattituck – A Tuesday routine for my parents. Leandra got the beef and snow pea and I got the chicken chow fun. Tasty as always.

July 26

Lenny’s Pizza & Bistro, Jamesport – Leandra (and my mom) loves the mussels in marinara sauce here, so we made sure to visit toward the end of our trip. We also tried the Sicilian cheese pizza which was quite tasty (and we ended up getting one to-go on our last night after other plans fell through).

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