Alsace: an afternoon in Luxembourg

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To avoid French toll roads, we took a route through southwestern Germany that reminded us of North Carolina with rolling hills, farms and small towns.

NC or France?

This routing also took us right through the town of Schengen, where the agreement on the Schengen zone for borderless travel was signed in 1985. These terms were then incorporated into European Union law by the Amsterdam Treaty in 1999.

In addition to all the factoids, passport displays, and literature, the Schengen Museum had these beautiful sculptures and flags honoring the different countries included in the Schengen zone. Definitely worth a quick visit.

Musée Européen Schengen  Musée Européen Schengen

Musée Européen Schengen  Musée Européen Schengen

In Luxembourg City parking was a bit of a challenge but we managed to find some in the Brasserie lot near the Amazon and Microsoft offices. At 2€ per hour it isn’t cheap, but it situated us near the pedestrian way that follows the ramparts along the Alzette River, overlooking the valley below. Viewing the remnants of the fortified medieval old town perched on sheer cliffs surrounded by bridges is definitely a sight to behold.

Chemin de la Corniche  Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg

Chemin de la Corniche

Our first stop in the old town were the churches, St Michael’s Church, then the Cathedral Notre Dame.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame  Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Plus the Palais Grand-Ducal.


We looped back to the valley for some additional views along the walls of the forested valley below.



Given the warm sun we were parched, so found a supermarket for some juice and shade. Given the time we decided on an early dinner of cheese and wine @ Kaempff-Kohler and were especially happy with the local Pinot Gris and the truffle Brie!

cheese options @ Kaempff-Kohler

cheese + wine @ Kaempff-Kohler  a lovely Luxembourg white

On our way back to the car Eric made us stop for chocolate cake @ Chocolate House Nathalie Bonn 

chocolate cake @ Chocolate House Nathalie Bonn

We took a different route back to the parking garage along the river through a shady neighborhood.

Luxembourg street


Our quick impressions of Luxembourg City – nice enough but rather expensive, and quite sleepy. The airport was quite easy to navigate, so it’s a viable option for destinations in the area.

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