Weekend trip to Richmond: Scott’s Addition

by | Apr 23, 2023 | Food & Drink, Travel, USA Travel

We spent most of Saturday afternoon exploring the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond, a trendy district known for its density of breweries and restaurants. We tried the following:

Three Notch’d Brewing
We started our brewery tour at Three Notch’d Brewing, where we sampled the Passion Fruit Gose, which tasted like Smarties, and the Love is Strange, a delicious chocolate sour cherry stout. For lunch, we split the RVA panini, and were fortunate enough to find a shaded outdoor table to enjoy our meal.

Veil Brewing
Next up was Veil Brewing, which was bustling with activity. We opted to grab stools inside since the only outside seating left was in the full sun on this warm day. I tried the Culminate (batch 1), which was very tart and oaky, and the Ever Calm, a non-alcohol pineapple and passionfruit gose, which we had in slushy form and found to be quite refreshing. Leandra was a big fan of the Double Vanilla Bourbon Curse of Satisfaction – from a small keg that was tapped only that morning. The decor is unique, with multiple taxidermied animals on display.

Tazza Kitchen
For dinner, we had reservations at Tazza. I ordered a Loire Sav Blanc (since they were out of their rose) and Leandra got a Pinot Noir (that we believe was actually a Tempranillo). For our main courses, we each got an arugula salad – mine had fried potato, smoked buffalo cheese, and chicken, while Leandra’s had goat cheese, blistered cherry tomatoes, and short rib. While the service was friendly, it was a bit disorganized, with orders being brought to the wrong table. However, the people watching from the outdoor patio was great, especially all the kids dressed up for prom.

Väsen Brewing Company
After dinner we stopped at Väsen Brewing, where we enjoyed the Passion Fruit Gose and the Yulebear Celebration Ale. We found seats at a picnic table on the end, which was a pleasant change from the much louder core. Halfway through, there was a brief rain shower, but we were able to continue enjoying our beers. Plus a great view of the sunset.

Black Lodge
To cap off our evening we wanted a cocktail, so we stopped at Black Lodge. It was noisy and crowded inside, but the handful of tables outside were empty. Leandra ordered two old fashioneds and we enjoyed people-watching on the lovely spring evening.

Throughout the day we also sought out murals that are scattered throughout the district.


We had a great time in Scott’s Addition, and we hope to return to try out some additional spots in the future.

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