Week in Florida: Daytrip to St. Pete

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Food & Drink, street art, Travel, USA Travel

We started our afternoon in the Edge district with cuban sandwiches at Bodega. We ordered at the outdoor window and grabbed an open table inside. We were so hungry we ate everything before thinking about photos! Sandwiches were good but quite messy and a little over-garlicky for my preferences. They also forgot Leandra’s coffee but quickly served it up when she went up to the counter to ask about it.

With our bellies full, our next objective was to walk around Central Ave checking out the murals that have proliferated over the last decade. Some of our favorites:



After ~2.5 miles of wandering we stopped at Overflow Brewing to check out their selection of sour beers. Our six-sampler included:

  • Mandatory Sidedish – cranberry sour, nice balance
  • Rooftop Cabana – gose with caruba, a refreshing tropical combo
  • E. Watson
  • Rapture in Reverse
  • Flowboise – raspberry Berliner Weisse, very drinkable
  • Feigose – sour with feijoa, interesting tropical and spice notes. We brought home a crowler of this one.


Next we drove west of I-275 to the warehouse district, checking out a bunch of additional murals.

Finally, we found ourselves in front of If I Brewed the World a few minutes before they opened, so we decided to sample a few beers here too.

  • Heart Breaker Choco Strawberry Sour – not too sour, more of a subtle chocolate and spice flavor for me
  • Orange Cream Sicko – surprisingly good, almost a citrus marshmallow flavor
  • Betty White Peanut butter and Jelly Stout – surprisingly tasty but wouldn’t want a whole pint
  • Black Raspberry Session Sour – rich, pleasant dark sour
  • Spicy BBQ sauce Sour – definitely some hot spiciness on the finish, this one is as weird as you’d expect!

We even managed a quick shot of the sunset while crossing the Sunshine Skyway bridge.

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