Dublin: where we stayed

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For whatever reason, hotels were quite pricey for the weekend we were in Dublin and we weren’t finding any good deals near the river. Leandra found a great rate on a car rental, so I expanded the search and found a few places that included parking near Baggot Street. This turned out to be good luck, as we generally preferred the pubs and restaurants away from the more touristy Temple Bar  area. Our final choice: Latchfords Townhouse Of Baggot Street which had small apartments available.

Check-in was brief, we were given a key code to open the front and back doors, and a key to the room.

Our room was good sized with a small kitchenette and seating area in the entry, then a small bedroom and bathroom up a half step with a good size wardrobe. Decor was dated and a bit stained but certainly manageable.

Sleeping was a bit of a challenge – the bed was rather firm, and windows facing the street were old and did not effectively block noise. There was also a restaurant directly below our window and a street light that shown in through the blinds. Ear plugs and eyeshades recommended.

Parking was definitely memorable – you turn down the alley near the hotel, then a left down an even smaller alley, navigating around parked cars. Then, after a small wall you make a 90 degree turn through what feels like an impossibly tight space:

entrance to the parking lot at our Inn

Not for the faint of heart! Thankfully the hotel wasn’t completely full the evenings we were there, so there was room to maneuver once you made it through and plenty of parking spots.

Overall, location and parking are the best parts of this hotel, so it was fine for a night or two but would be less comfortable for longer stays.

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