Eric’s 40th: IcelandAir

by | Jun 19, 2016 | International Travel, Travel

How to celebrate my 4oth birthday – how could it not involve travel? When we noticed some nice fares on Icelandair to London we started thinking about a trip. Then I remembered that Icelandair allows stopovers as long as 7 days… So a long weekend in London followed by the rest of the week in Iceland hunting waterfalls? That sounds like a memorable birthday. Altogether we had a full day in Boston, 3 nights in London, and 6 nights in Iceland.


A few points we noted about Icelandair:

  • Never left on time! But only arrived somewhat late…
  • The only time we heard boarding announcements was in London and that was fairly orderly by row, otherwise the mob of people in the gate area just started moving forward. Absolute cattle call in KEF, chaos in Boston.
  • TV screens in each seat, plus power
  • Decent legroom
  • Food for purchase is reasonably priced, can use points if you have your card with you. Unfortunately, IcelandAir doesn’t send your card until after you take your first flight, regardless of when you sign up for their frequent flyer program.
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