Scotland 2013: Highlands sights day 2

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Sunday morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at our B&B, then drove to the parking area for Bracklinn Falls on the outskirts of Callander. The area was quite lush with moss and other plants and the weather was a perfect temperature for a hike in the woods.

forest flowers   green!

The path to the falls is fairly easy, and the views are well worth it.

Bracklinn Falls

Next we headed into the park along Loch Venachar and along the way we saw several famously furry Highland Cattle.

Heather, the Highland Cow
someone needs a bang trim

Loch Venachar
Loch Venachar

We eventually made our way to Little Fawn Falls, just north of Aberfoyle. The main trail starts at the David Marshall Lodge which had a small parking fee of around $3US for two hours.  After a 15 min walk we were down to the photogenic falls.

hike though Queen Elizabeth Forest Park
mirrored people art installation

Little Fawn Falls
Little Fawn Falls

Next, we stopped in the nearby town of Aberfoyle to ask at the tourism office about another waterfall in the area. To our surprise we found out that we just had an alternate set of directions to the waterfall we just visited… however, the tourism folks were able to point us to a different waterfall next to the Inversnaid Hotel, about 40 minutes away. With a new map and directions we set out to find it.

Much of the road to Inversnaid was single lane with muddy shoulders, so Leandra had her attention on the road, but we definitely enjoyed the drive through the beautiful scenery.

Loch Arklet
Loch Arklet

wooly cows and countryside

Inversnaid Waterfall
Inversnaid Waterfall

From here we drove south to our final destination, Balloch Castle.

the road to Balloch Castle
our rental car on a country road

Balloch Castle
Balloch Castle

Balloch Castle

The wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping when we arrived at Balloch so we took a few photos and hustled back to the car. From here we drove to Stirling for dinner, the subject of our final Scotland post.

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