Scotland 2013: BrewDog Edinburgh

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entrance to BrewDog
front entrance on Cowgate

beers @ BrewDogWe missed an opportunity to visit the Camden location because of a Tube issue in London last November, so we were even more excited to get to try this pub in Edinburgh. Thankfully they had some non-hoppy beers available, so Eric got the Tongue Tied (surprisingly non-bitter, with lemongrass and citrus) and I chose the Riptide (dark beer with a good mix of malt and hops).

It was our waitress’ last day (and a slow one while we were there) so she and her co-worker were trying to rouse a group of patrons to play Jenga while 90s music filtered though the speakers. We camped out on a comfy couch and talked ourselves into trying the Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a 32% Imperial Stout. Expensive (25ml pour for 5£) but very much worth trying! It tasted more like a high gravity dessert wine or single malt rather than a beer with lots of burnt sugar and caramel.

When Rose got the bottle for us, I spied a taxidermied squirrel on the shelf above the bar and all of a sudden I had a still life of some of the strongest beers ever made. The squirrel-encased one is The End of History, a 55% ABV freeze-distilled blond Belgian ale. Only 11 were made and I think they were sold for over $1,000 each.

three of the strongest beers on the market
The End of History (55%; Belgian Ale); Sink the Bismark (41% Imperial IPA); Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32% Imperial Stout)

We really enjoyed hanging out here for an hour and thankfully I was tall enough to drink their beer!

whew - just made it!

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