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On this trip to Brussels we spent more of our time simply hanging out and trying a few new bars rather than traipsing all over the city. Andrew and his handy iPhone app directed us to several new beer places and, of course, we experienced a few favorites again as well.

While we did head down to the Mannekin Pis (he was actually wearing an outfit this time!) it was not to stand in a crowd and gawk at a little statue, but instead to grab a beer at Le Poechenellekelder.

crowds @ Mannekin Pis
crowds of people staring at a statue of a little boy “peeing” water; Le Poechenellekelder is on the left

On our first trip to the Delirium Cafe we had only tried the upstairs Hoppy Lounge, but this time we found a table on Saturday night in the (very) smoky basement and had full access to hundreds of their available beers.

Delirium Cafe (basement)
Delirium Cafe basement – all the trays stuck to the ceiling

relaxing in the Delirium alley
On Sunday night we had a beer out in the alleyway terrace, including one of Eric’s favorites, Omer.

The many times we crossed through the Grand Place afforded multiple opportunities for interesting photos.

Grand Place at dusk
Grand Place at dusk on Sunday night

restaurant alley
restaurant alley north of Grand Place- bustling and very touristy

Not too far from the Royal gardens was the surprisingly large Atomium. Per wikipedia:

Designed by André Waterkeyn, a Belgian engineer, and built for Expo ’58, the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. : Nine steel spheres connected so that the whole forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

Me again: crazy.

the Atomium, 335 feet tall!

One of the lovely parts about the parks of Brussels were the plethora of ice cream trucks. One scoop for 1 euro. Yes, please!

Really though, Brussels was all about spending time with our good friends and getting our fill of great Belgian beer.

Drew and Meg enjoying their beers
Meg and Drew, enjoying a beer at Nuetnigenough

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