snorkeling off the coast of Culebra

by | Mar 1, 2010 | Travel

As previously mentioned, due to weather we rescheduled our snorkeling trip to Culebra for a day later and thankfully, the weather cooperated. Not only is the snorkeling better when it’s not windy and raining but I get motion sickness on boats in rough seas. I took a Dramamine for the ride over, and even though others around me weren’t feeling so hot, I handled the 90 minute ride just fine. Getting through the city streets to the ferry terminal was a little confusing, and for some reason the ticket lady wouldn’t sell us return tickets, but we got on the ferry with no issue.

Things to note: the nearby parking lot is $5.35 to park all day and the ferry left 15 minutes early, so be sure to give yourself enough time! The ferry ride is $4.50 round trip, per person.

our ferry boat - Culebra II
our ferry boat – the Culebra II

leaving Fajardo
leaving Fajardo

Once we arrived on Culebra there were a host of companies and cabs waiting to take folks all over the island, so it can be a little chaotic. Our reservations were with Taz from Aquatic Adventures for a day of snorkeling and he picked us up by boat right by the dock.

Thirty minutes later, we were anchored and in the water for some fish sightseeing!

me, underwater

this purple fan coral was everywhere

blue tang
a blue tang

fan coral with flamingo tongue
flamingo tongue – they like to hang out on the fan coral

We snorkeled in two spots, Lana’s Cove and Punta Soldado with sandwiches and drinks in between. We were in the water for well over an hour and saw a ton of corals, tangs, pufferfish, clown fish, tetras and all sizes of yellowtail snapper. Sadly, no rays or turtles.

1st snorkel spot - Lana's Cove
Lana’s Cove

We would definitely take a trip back to Culebra and, perhaps, snorkel and/or kayak off one of the other beaches. I thought the $50 per person price tag for the boat trip was a good value and Taz and Amy made great hosts.

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