the good kind of “bug”

by | Sep 21, 2009 | Daily life, House

Over the summer we were approached by a pest control guy walking door to door trying to sell us a service package. He explained that whatever they sprayed would kill all the bugs and eliminate the numerous spider webs we had in corners and eaves. Noticing our dog, he added that all these chemicals would somehow be safe for Riesling to walk through even if she licks her paws. (Suuuuure.)

We politely declined and sent him on his way mostly because I happen to like spiders and it’s not like all those chemicals will form a mosquito net around our house. (Although, if that technology ever becomes available, sign me up!)

The truth is, those chemicals don’t know the difference between the good pollinating insects and the bad biting insects so it’s just not for us. Plus, then we couldn’t get photos of this beautiful orbweaver spider…

huge orbweaver web


She’s pretty large; her abdomen is the size of a nickel. We like her there because she catches and eats all the other kinds of bugs. :)

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