Only Burger debuts at Wine Authorities 1st birthday party

by | Sep 11, 2008 | Daily life, Food & Drink

Eric and I headed over to Wine Authorities last night to celebrate their first birthday with a glass of cava/champagne and grab dinner at Only Burger, Durham Catering‘s newest addition.

(I like that a guy from Q-Shack across the street is standing in line for his burger!)

We arrived around 5:30pm and there was already a huge line, so we put our order in then headed inside to grab a glass of champagne. The wine shop was absolutely mobbed and I saw Seth hurry by with his arms full of champagne, so I’m sure the night went well for them.

The highlight was definitely the burgers! We were very sad when Starlu closed last year and these burgers are reminiscent of Sam Poley’s numbered specialty burgers that we enjoyed at Starlu. It’s a great concept, you get either a single or a double with all the fixings (including cheese) for $4 or $6.50, crispy seasoned fries are $2, and add a coke or sprite for $1.25.

The burger was perfectly cooked and the fries were delicious. They missed the mayo on mine and Eric’s had mustard and tomato even though he asked for none, but they were pretty swamped and probably overwhelmed by the turnout. At least it wasn’t pouring like it had been all day!

We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes to the internets to see where the truck pops up next, what a great addition to Durham!

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