14 easy steps to enjoying your new wine fridge

by | Aug 24, 2008 | Daily life, Food & Drink

  1. Have your brand new wine fridge deboxed in your driveway and hauled up five steps, through a hallway and into your dining room by two delivery men.
  2. Admire said wine fridge until your husband gets home, pour a glass of wine to pass the time.
  3. Wait 48 hours until you can plug it in, something about the coolant having to settle. Be slightly annoyed.
  4. Spend 20 minutes comparing carpet coaster sizes in Target in order to raise the fridge a quarter of an inch so the door doesn’t scrape the carpeting.
  5. Thank God that your husband suggested via text message getting two per foot so you don’t have to go back to Target to buy more.
  6. Unpack the extra shelves and discuss how much space is needed between the shelves to optimize sliding feature and visual uniformity.
  7. Make a lemonade martini for each of you.
  8. Install shelves.
  9. Watch husband load the wine fridge using some classification system but as long as you know where the reds are, it doesn’t really matter.
  10. Plug in wine fridge. (finally)
  11. Follow the instructions to the letter and watch as the display alternately blinks “od” and the current temperature at you.
  12. Search google for an explanation for this, come up empty.
  13. After several minutes, rejoice that the wine fridge suddenly seems to get the message, stops blinking and starts cooling. Hooray!
  14. Eight hours later, enjoy your perfectly chilled bottle of wine. :)
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