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by | Jan 19, 2008 | Food & Drink, Travel

Because we visit New York state (specifically Long Island) at least once a year, we often don’t give much though to where we eat. Our trip over the holidays was almost two weeks this time, so we had plenty of time to visit two new places and revisit some others.

Mama’s Restaurant, Oakdale—Often after arriving into Islip we meet Eric’s Aunt Joy for lunch or dinner and this is one of our favorite spots. The pasta and seafood did not disappoint although my dad is convinced that they water down their liquor bottles. Therefore, sticking with wine and skipping martinis would be recommended. Eric ordered his favorite, chicken parm, and I enjoyed a lobster ravioli in pink sauce.

The Jamesport Country Kitchen, Jamesport—We stopped here after a morning of wine tasting for a quick snack. This is a very small, but cheerfully-lit place on the main road. Eric’s omelet was delicious and my tomato basil soup hit the spot. My Dad and Lynn split a flounder sandwich that was very tasty as well. Three of us ordered a Long Island chardonnay with lunch and they certainly don’t skip on the amount of wine.

Jedediah Hawkin’s Inn & Restaurant, Jamesport—This was the first time any of us had been here for dinner and while the service and appetizers were wonderful, the entrées left us disappointed. The setting is an old house, so the dining room is spread out over several rooms, which gives the place a more cozy feel. They had many Long Island wines on the menu, including one we had tried and liked earlier in the day. The oysters and ceviche appetizers were wonderful but my venison was just okay. The meat was perfectly cooked but the sauce was bland and the rice it was served with was an unappetizing shade of gray.

Hi-Life, New York City—One night we met Eric’s brother and his girlfriend in the city for dinner. This restaurant was a quick walk from their place and I think we were all a little surprised that they managed to do so many dishes well. Sushi, mac and cheese, chicken satay, tuna steak, crab cakes, and pasta were all well-done. Their specialty martini (a raspberry tart) was delicious as well.

The Frisky Oyster, Greenport—For New Years eve, the ceiling was completely covered in red and white helium balloons sporting streamers that you had to navigate through to make it to your table. Everything from the drinks to the main course was fantastic. I ordered the heirloom tomato and goat cheese fondue while Eric had the chicken quesadilla appetizer. Three of us got the ribeye steak for dinner and it was blackened nicely and cooked perfectly. We were the second people there for the early seating but the place was completely packed by the time we left. Highly recommended.

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