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Our hosts, Archie and Sue, provided a varied menu for us most nights (filet mignon, chicken fried steak, bbq ribs)… ok maybe not that varied. :) But a few times, we headed into town to try our luck at some of the local restaurants. As you know, we always research a few eateries before we travel but I got a little lazy this trip because we would have six more opinions to contend with than just our own.

Wheat Montana Deli—This place made it on our list solely because it had free wi-fi, but the sandwiches were delicious, so that was an added bonus. I had the reuben and Eric had the club, both were packed full of meat. The only downside was that this place had no cookies. The huge cinnamon rolls looked divine, though.

Woody’s Country Store—The best sandwiches in town! Woody’s is located on the corner of 35 and 206, east of Kalispell. We picked up a number of deli sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches for our two day trips to Glacier. Huge, cheap, and good.

Mooses Saloon—Your typical noisy bar with sports on the TV, peanut shells on the floor, and endless pitchers of Moose Drool (a great dark beer). The pizza was surprisingly passable (we are pizza snobs after all) and they just celebrated their 50 year anniversary.

Capers—Our favorite ‘fancy’ place to go in town used to be Cafe Max, and this new restaurant is now in that location. We had to do a little convincing to get folks here as our host had a bad experience right when the place opened, but we prevailed once my dad saw the wine list!

The setting is small and can be somewhat noisy on crowded nights, but the food was tasty and very well presented. All three appetizers were delicious: smoked trout, vegetable samosas, tomato basil soup, and goat cheese ravioli. Three of us got the Montana Bison filet which was melt-in-your-mouth wonderful. My brothers elk and fennel lasagna was more of a seasoned meat log with gratuitous pasta on top (still good though and we were in Montana, after all) and Eric’s applewood-smoked pork chop was completely missing at the end of the meal.

My sister mentioned that we were going to pass on dessert because of birthday cake waiting for us at home and the waitress declared that I was entitled to a free dessert (the first of two!) because it was the week of my birthday. Excellent!

Jagz—The garlic restaurant of the state! Maybe not, but they had us convinced. I was tempted by the trout special but because I don’t like to order fish on Mondays, I went with the smallest portion of prime rib available (and I am now officially off beef for at least a month). My dinner was fine, but Eric had the most garlicky caesar salad in history and our waitress was pretty distracted by a larger table seated just before us. Satisfactory, overall, but I won’t be requesting to go back on our next visit.

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