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by | Aug 29, 2007 | Daily life

Several months ago I mentioned that my current hairstylist (who I loved) was going to have a baby this May… well, she’s been on maternity for four months and the salon can’t tell me if she’s ever coming back.


In her place, I was seeing another girl at the same place, but she just didn’t “get” my hair and although she was very chatty and nice, I left wanting for a better haircut.

Fast forward to the past two weeks where I have been quizzing everyone I know about who cuts their hair. It took me three attempts to find someone I really liked when we moved here three years ago, so I was not looking forward to starting all over again on my quest for the perfect stylist.

I had an appointment this morning at an Aveda Salon with a girl that cuts my friend’s hair and I did not like her. I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot, as she seemed offended when I tried to explain what I was looking for, but I was worried because this woman had hair nothing like my own.

Short version: she barely spoke to me (even when prompted), she painfully razored my dry hair (ooh, does that hurt? hell yeah it hurts!), she finished in under 30 minutes, including shampoo (where am I, a fast food place?), then tried to hard sell me highlights and products.

And, of course, she cost more than my old stylist.

My hair looks pretty chopped up, flippy, and generally weird at the moment, but hopefully, I can salvage the cut and begin looking again for another option.

day-after-washing-hair update: it looks fine, not sure how it’s going to grow out, but acceptable. still not going back though.

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