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by | Nov 15, 2006 | Daily life

Ever since I cut all my hair off a few weeks after I turned 21, it’s been one short hairstyle after another. Since then, I’ve never had it longer than it was for our wedding and even then I only made it as far as a longish bob. Eric teases me when I say I’m going to grow it out again, because I always get fed up and chop it off.

I always thought having short hair meant fewer styling options, but remember this is coming from someone who had plain un-layered long hair (bor-ing!) for most of her teens. I find that I am much more open to experimenting and change now because, what the heck, it’ll grow out!

I love my current hairdresser (my third try in NC)—who is currently four months pregnant and what the heck am I going to do when she goes on maternity leave, ack!—and I think I’ve finally found a style that really works for me. The trick is going to be having it grow out gracefully as we will be on vacation for a few weeks in December. I’ll do my best not to look homeless by the time we return.

And just for fun (and to freak Eric out*), here’s a shot of me in college with long hair.

*Eric will provide the asterisk commentary in the comments section. :)

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