Asian adventure 2011: dining in Hong Kong

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In our search for meals in Hong Kong, our culinary sampling ran the gamut from mall food court take-out to fine dining.

After a mediocre scrambled eggs and hot dog(!) breakfast our first morning at Cafe de Coral, we braved the crowded subways and escalators to Soho Central in search of a proper Western breakfast the next two mornings. The first place we tried, Coast, was satisfactory food-wise but excruciatingly slow from a service standpoint. Our waitress stood at the bar slicing lemons for a cocktail hour that was hours away for well over five minutes before even acknowledging us and taking our order. Then, our breakfast (and Eric’s orange juice) took over twenty minutes to arrive. All with five other people in the entire place.

Thankfully, Wagyu Lounge just around the corner was a hit the next day. Quiet atmosphere, tasty food, quick service and a freshly-made latte. Ahhh. I would definitely come back here for dinner (or breakfast) when we return to Hong Kong.

eggs benedict w/ smoked salmon
Of course I got eggs benedict (my fave)!

As Eric mentioned, there are a lot of malls in Hong Kong, so inevitably we found ourselves hungry near a food court.  Our first dinner was Taiwanese takeout from the Silvercord Mall food court combined with beers from 7-11, eaten in our room overlooking the Hong Kong harbor. While the flavors were really good, the quality of the chicken left something to be desired. Plus, the woman threw in an entire portobello mushroom that was impossible to cut or bite into…

take out for dinner!
lots of little containers

We had better luck at Mi2Cool ramen at the Festival Walk mall. Eric ordered the largest bowl of spicy ramen I have ever seen (Eric editorial: it was really spicy, and really good!) and I went for the pork dumplings. The hardest part was locating a place to sit and then finding each other again!

a brief moment when the crowds cleared

After our visit to Victoria Peak we decided to stay near Central and grabbed a table at the bustling Staunton’s Wine Bar + Cafe for some happy hour wine and sandwiches. It was a welcome Western-style meal and we were surrounded by ex-pats getting off work. Of course you can say that for most of the SoHo area.

happy hour wine and resting our tired feet!

To celebrate our last night in Hong Kong, we reserved a table on the 29th floor at Hutong overlooking the Hong Kong harbor. We were seated facing the window so we could enjoy the laser light show while sipping wine and eating thinly sliced pork belly and ridiculously good steamed rolls stuffed with Chinese-style honey glazed ham. There is a minimum charge for dinner here to prevent people holding tables simply for the view, but we had no trouble meeting it with a bottle of wine, appetizers and two main courses. This meal was an amazing end to a fantastic trip.

greeted by lanterns and soft lighting right off the elevator

Dinner @ Hutong in Hong Kong
happy 10 year anniversary to us!

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