Don’t steal music?

by | Feb 15, 2007 | Geek

ipod.jpg Quite frankly, this warning is crap.

Leandra recently bought a refurbished iPod and the sticker to the left was attached. I find it mildly insulting. Stealing what music, and from whom? The biggest record companies would love for us to pay each time we hear a song – is anything less stealing?

And really, do I need a major company chiding us on behavior? Why not eat my peas (yuck) or wipe my nose? How about this apple—don’t steal from customers. Plenty of people have lost access to songs they’ve legally purchased and apple’s solution is to buy them again. Digital rights management (DRM) doesn’t stop dedicated pirates, but it does make things more complicated for everyone else. I’d also like to see apple put their money where their mouth is and release DRM-free songs from companies that allow it, but they don’t seem to have much interest in it. Or how about designing iPods that not only look good but have batteries that last or are replaceable (gasp!)? So apple, get off the soapbox, you don’t have the moral high ground here.

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