A family of four…

If you follow either of us on social media, you may have noticed an extra dog has been showing up in our photos lately…

So, say hello to Pasha – the newest member of our family!

She is also a mini schnauzer and we have pup-sat her on numerous occasions, including a trip to the mountains for waterfall hiking. Our friends were having trouble caring for her and asked us to adopt her right after Labor Day. We knew it was going to mean a big change in our daily routine and another added responsibility but we love her and couldn’t say no.

Riesling is adjusting pretty well. She would really prefer to be the only dog (soaking up all the attention) but if anyone is going to win her over, it’s Pasha.

Stay tuned for more adventures with our two furry kids.

Happy 13th Birthday!

Our furry child turns 13 today. That’s about 65 in dog years but you would never know by the way she approaches her daily two-mile walks. We’ve been through a lot of long car trips, hikes, stuffed toys, surgeries and lap cuddles.

Happy 13th pup!

Riesling discovers a lizard on the lanai  our little paper shredder
Riesling racing through the snow  Riesling enjoying a brief snooze
field trip to the bank and Southern Season

Riesling’s 12th.

She started out with a 5 mile walk this morning and ended the day with a monster beef bone from the butcher. Not a bad way to spend a birthday… happy 12th little one!

someone got a nice present for her 12th birthday someone got a nice present for her 12th birthday someone got a nice present for her 12th birthday

Christmas 2012: family time

We’ve been driving up to NY for the last several years to spend Christmas with Eric’s family and this year we finally made it a little easier on ourselves with the addition of an EZ-Pass. Any time saved was a good thing as we also made three round-trips to JFK to pick up my brother and his girlfriend so they could spend the holidays with us!

I really enjoyed having them there and Eric got to show off where he grew up…

smooth stones
lots of smooth stones on the sound

Horton Point Lightouse

We also took them to a local brewery in Greenport and a few of our favorite wine tasting destinations.

Christmas festivities were per our usual traditions with a visit to grandma’s for Christmas Eve and lots of stocking stuffers and mimosas on Christmas morning.

Christmas tree     ready for brunch

Ryan and Emily with their stocking
Emily and Ryan with their stuffed stocking

opening presents
me laughing that Mom couldn’t remember what present was which

sleepy time

And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a sleepy schnauzer to snuggle with. We had a great time catching up with family and I am looking forward to less time in the car over the next two weeks! :)

Asheville 2012: views

Last weekend we packed up the Vue, put Riesling in the back seat, and drove out to Asheville to enjoy some hiking amongst the fall color. We hit six waterfalls between Dupont Forest, Pisgah Forest and the Blue Ridge parkway along with quite a few beautiful overlooks.

lower Triple Falls
Lower Triple Falls

Moore Cove Falls
Moore Cove Falls

Blue Ridge Mountains
hillside in peak color

Looking Glass overlook
a beautiful day to be outside

Second Falls
Second Falls

Leandra and Riesling

NC is still one of our favorite waterfall hiking spots in the world, and this trip was a great reminder of the beauty found in our state.  More photos can be found on Flickr.

Happy 11th Birthday!

A certain furry someone in our family turns 11 years old today.

Everyone who meets her is surprised when I tell them how old she is and we hope she has many more high-energy years ahead of her!

outdoor living is easy

We’ve really been enjoying the screened porch the last several weeks. Even when it’s been warm and muggy, we can turn the fan on and there’s an instant breeze. Add a glass of wine and a good book and my evening is planned!

Friday night
the hammock also helps with the relaxation part

We’ve been eating outside occasionally (taking a break from eating in front of the TV) and generally enjoying the bug-free outdoors. Normally it take Riesling a little while to settle down, but once she can’t see the squirrels (or bunnies) anymore, it’s lights out for the schnauzer.

Resting outside... finally.
resting on my my ankles… finally!