Pasha, in memoriam

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Canine

Today we mourn our special Pasha, also known as “Pasha bear”, “sweet girl”, and in her prime as “Squirrels Bane”. We’ve known her all of her 15 years, and adopted her for the last 9. In her time with us she’s been to beaches and mountains, Chicago, New York, and down to Florida.

Pasha was our quietly confident schnauzer – not a big barker, but not easy for other dogs to push around either, and was great at breweries and other dog friendly places. Her little nubbin tail would swipe back and forth intermittently like a wiper blade, and she would accept pets under her chin but NOT the top of her head. When she was really tired she’d even allow belly rubs.

She was remarkably well behaved – she knew the yard boundaries and wouldn’t cross them, and she never tried to grab food off a table. Her beard was also remarkable, both for size and volume (and occasional static), but also for the cleanliness- we never figured out how she managed that! She did tend to attract all manner of leaves and outdoor debris to her beard as well.

Her favorite spots were to be near, but not touching, one of us, especially the office and whisky room. But really any quiet spot would work.

Tricks for treats were a favorite pastime – sit, lay, spin, speak, dance, high five, paw – with spin and hi5 as faves. She would do all of them for treats, especially pizza bones!

Pasha had her quirks, preferring the floor to a couch (usually with one leg kicked out), rolling in Leandra’s hair, sleeping in the closet during the warm months, and often batting us with her left paw for attention (or treats). After a bath she was renowned for her epic shake, then zoomies around the house. She could also be an underwear thief, and a bit of a heel chaser from time to time. Closed doors were often met with a scratch and eventually a woof.

She loved the snow, tennis balls, cool green grass, and especially her parrot toy (had it her whole life!). Returning home was always an event, whether a walk around the block, after a day at work, or a longer trip, as you’d be met with a happy, wiggling, squealing ball of fur. On the flip side, she did not like loud noises: champagne corks, sneezes, shouts, thunderstorms, and dropped items were met with a glare and her leaving the room.

Thankfully, we had a full last day to spoil her with rotisserie chicken, pulled pork, and Leandra’s peanut butter and banana treats. And given the beautiful spring weather we were also able to take her on some short trips including one last brewery.

Pasha, you were our gentle little ham, and we will miss you always.

March 23, 2008 – April 13, 2023

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