our new fridge (a post in four parts)

by | Nov 17, 2006 | Daily life, House

Tuesday morning
When we bought our house, it was clear that all the appliances were probably original. We replaced the stove last year because it was small and ugly but we’ve already decided that the washer/dryer are staying until they absolutely quit working (so far, so good).

Our fridge, however, has been a bit wonky from the start. The ice maker stopped working regularly about six months into our home ownership, then the kitchen experienced a minor flood because the internal water line broke back in August (while we were out of town, of course). I looked for the manual to get the specs on our current fridge and saw a notation from the previous owners for $155.77.

Wait a minute, when did they buy this fridge?!?

Sears was having a special sale on Sunday night, which included an extra 10% off all appliances as well as a free delivery rebate. In all the promotion saved us about $150.

Tuesday evening
I had this whole post written about how great our new fridge looked compared to the old one, blah blah blah, and then… the fridge was never delivered.

I got home from work about an hour after the delivery window ended (Eric was home waiting for the people), and I called to see what was up. Instead of my lovely (and expensive) new fridge, I got lousy customer service telling me my delivery had been cancelled. The rep answered the phone and proceeded to talk to her co-worker for several moments before even addressing me and she sounded like she was drunk.

The worst part though, is that it didn’t sound like anyone ever intended on telling us about this little development, like we wouldn’t notice that our refrigerator never showed up. Apparently there was a manufacturers delay. The delivery has been moved to Friday, and I am writing an e-mail to their customer service department tomorrow.

Thursday evening
It was after dinner and I still hadn’t heard from the automated system about a delivery time on Friday, so I called to get my time window. Thankfully, the assigned time would work fine for us and because I was transferred to a real person, I calmly inquired about their policy for contacting people when there have been warehouse delivery delays.

Honestly, I was still pretty steamed about the whole experience, which was further exacerbated by the canned, automated response I got back from my e-mail complaint earlier in the day. This woman was very nice, however, and after apologizing for the non-communication, she gave us an extra year of warranty on our new refrigerator. Sweet! Now, if I actually get my fridge tomorrow, all will be well.

Friday evening
Hooray! Photos!

Aaaaand once we switch the hinges, everything will be perfect! Grrr!

Supposedly, someone will be dropping by on Sunday to fix the wrong-side-hinge mistake, but I’m tempted to just take care of it myself at this point.

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