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San Diego 2023: food & drink

San Diego 2023: food & drink

Friday Beer at California Wild Ales: Tom yum (spicy), Citrus x, Meyer, Maul, Peach. I'm not 100% sure I got the right flavors, but it was tasty nonetheless! Leandra liked her super dark and fruity...

San Diego 2023: sights

San Diego 2023: sights

On Friday, we had some time between Eric's sessions, so we drove over to Ocean Beach for a cliff-side walk and visit to California Wile Ales. We got to see a ton of pelicans, people walking dogs,...

San Diego 2023: introduction

San Diego 2023: introduction

Most years pre-COVID, Eric would get work approval to attend the PAG conference in San Diego and I would tag along. I typically worked while Eric was spending the day in sessions and this time my...

San Diego: sites

San Diego: sites

Ocean Beach During a quick break from my conference we enjoyed some sunshine while exploring Ocean Beach, walking down the pier for views of the coastline and the surfers enjoying the storm-driven...

San Diego: beer!

San Diego: beer!

Saturday: Kearny Mesa / Miramar Eric had a full day so I called the shot for drinks! After picking him up from the conference we drove north to Quantum Brewing. I had the Final Gravity Russian...

San Diego Breweries

San Diego Breweries

Looking back through my draft posts, I realized that I never completed the beer post from last year's trip to San Diego. So! To keep better records, here is what we tried in 2016 and a list with...

San Diego 2014: bars and restaurants

San Diego 2014: bars and restaurants

San Diego has no shortage of great restaurants, so I did a little research before we left and set up an outline of places to have lunch and dinner plus some nearby options for grabbing a drink as...

San Diego 2014: where we stayed

San Diego 2014: where we stayed

In mid-January I attended a conference in San Diego, and after a busy weekend Leandra flew out for the remainder of the week. Though we've been to SD many times now, we still love returning and it...

friendliest bird in San Diego

You know how, most of the time, when you stop to look at birds they scatter or fly away? Well... sometimes they make a beeline right for you. I actually had to back away from this character because...

San Diego

I'm in San Diego for the Plant and Animal Genome conference, and since Alamo is running a great $10 a day weekend deal, I have a car till Monday for $36 total. Nice. After checking in to the hotel,...

where we ate in San Diego

Our last post about San Diego (until we go back that is). :) JRDN—Eric ate here last June, so we made a point to have dinner here on this trip. The food was very tasty, but I think our waitress was...

Balboa Park

Our options were limited on Sunday due to the rainy weather, so we had a leisurely breakfast and used our 24 hours of internet-time to research some indoor options. Eric suggested we look into...

Cabrillo National Monument

Due to some confusion about when exactly the tide went out, we were unable to take full advantage of the famous tide pools near the Cabrillo National Monument. As it turned out, both low tides were...

Torrey Pines State Park

Personally? I thought this place was a ripoff. It's not that they weren't lovely views of the Pacific, but an $8 day use fee for a few short hiking trails? We were wondering why so many people were...

whale watching

Both Eric and I had mixed feeling about taking a whale watching cruise, but the time was right for the northern migration of the California gray whales back up to the Bering Sea along the coast of...

two state parks a short drive from San Diego

Our ridiculously cheap rental car took us out to the desert for the first night of our San Diego trip. ($48 including taxes for five days, the guy even commented that this was why his salary is what...

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