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Riesling, in memoriam

Riesling, in memoriam

There is a hole in our souls today as we mourn the loss of our beloved pup Riesling. We always said that she lived up to her name, as she was often sweet (champion snuggle-monster) and sometimes...

Riesling, lost & found

Riesling, lost & found

Back in early September (during our trip to Canada) our house-sitter let Riesling out into the backyard unattended and she wandered off. She was missing for three nights and even writing this now I...

Asheville 2012: views

Asheville 2012: views

Last weekend we packed up the Vue, put Riesling in the back seat, and drove out to Asheville to enjoy some hiking amongst the fall color. We hit six waterfalls between Dupont Forest, Pisgah Forest...

yeah, I’d say she’s better

yeah, I’d say she’s better

Nearly 4 weeks ago Riesling had her shoulder surgery. Besides the scar that is mostly healed, she's doing quite well as the following video attests: Her paper shredding was followed by a two+ mile...

Riesling is on the mend

Riesling is on the mend

The week before we left for London, we found out that pup had a mast cell tumor on her right shoulder. It was cancerous and needed to be removed, so we scheduled the surgery for the day after we got...

waterfall hiking with two dogs

Last weekend we had planned a drive up to Blowing Rock for a little waterfall hiking due to heavy rainfall in NC the week before. Due to extraordinary circumstances, we also brought our friend's...

dinner antics

Riesling has taken to "killing" various toys which she then presents to me for both breakfast and dinner. I can only imagine that this is her idea of a trade. :) These antics are ramped up...

rain, rain go away

Our first day of waterfall hiking was a bit of a wash... literally. We knew it was going to be wet/muddy because it had rained for a full week before our visit to the NC mountains, but we were very...

playtime with pups

Right after we got back from Peru, we agreed to pup-sit our friend's mini schnauzer, Pasha, for the weekend. Riesling doesn't particularly enjoy the extra attention, but they do enjoy tugging on the...

it’s a hot one today

We will be stuck inside for the next few days as it's supposed to be in the upper 90s which means shorter walks with pup; she looks like this when we get home... Her collar is on because she can't...

weekend wrap-up

Thanks to some creative driving by my fearless father-in-law and the separate security line for AA Gold status passengers at JFK, we made it onto our flight this afternoon with just a few minutes to...

five weeks later

Riesling has been healing amazingly well and it's becoming much harder (thankfully) to see her scars. We've come a long way from 60 staples, exploratory surgery and one broken rib, back to a healthy...

a lazy day for some of us

I spent the morning at Urban Ministries in Durham weeding their outdoor family area while Eric picked up a bunch of new plants, fruits and sunflowers at the farmer's market in Raleigh. As soon as I...

on the road to recovery

For those of you who keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook, you already know that our pup, Riesling, was attacked at the dog park on Monday afternoon. After surgery to treat two large belly wounds...

Riesling in the snow

This is a little late because I had some trouble figuring out how to edit movie files in Vista (thanks Microsoft). Anyway, I was finally able to splice together a few clips of Riesling's adventure...

a snowy inauguration day

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland! Eric quickly checked the weather hotline and learned that he had a snow day, which means he gets to stay home with me to watch Obama's inauguration! I...

Florida sunsets are suberb

We're enjoying Thanksgiving in FL, and last night we went to watch the sunset at Emerson State Park in Palmetto, Florida. Riesling came with us and had a lovely time sniffing everything on the beach...

Riesling and Pasha play tug-o-war

We dog-sat our friend's mini schnauzer, Pasha, this past weekend and they managed to interact just long enough to play a little tug-o-war. :)

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