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yeah, I’d say she’s better

yeah, I’d say she’s better

Nearly 4 weeks ago Riesling had her shoulder surgery. Besides the scar that is mostly healed, she's doing quite well as the following video attests: Her paper shredding was followed by a two+ mile...

Riesling is on the mend

Riesling is on the mend

The week before we left for London, we found out that pup had a mast cell tumor on her right shoulder. It was cancerous and needed to be removed, so we scheduled the surgery for the day after we got...

dinner antics

Riesling has taken to "killing" various toys which she then presents to me for both breakfast and dinner. I can only imagine that this is her idea of a trade. :) These antics are ramped up...

playtime with pups

Right after we got back from Peru, we agreed to pup-sit our friend's mini schnauzer, Pasha, for the weekend. Riesling doesn't particularly enjoy the extra attention, but they do enjoy tugging on the...

Riesling and Pasha play tug-o-war

We dog-sat our friend's mini schnauzer, Pasha, this past weekend and they managed to interact just long enough to play a little tug-o-war. :)

tolerance into friendship?

The first time Riesling met our friend's mini schnauzer Pasha she was tolerant but generally uninterested in the new puppy. Pasha has been over a few times since and this weekend, we kept her...

SchnOctoberFest 2008

We enjoyed the beautiful day yesterday visiting with other mini schnauzer owners at SchnOctoberFest, the NC Schnauzer Rescue's annual big fundraising event. Last year, Riesling won for biggest ears...

a puppy playdate

Our friends recently brought home an 8-week-old mini schnauzer named Pasha. We met her last week when we had dinner at their place and tonight, we had everyone over for dinner. We kept both dogs in...

vote for Riesling!

We entered this photo of Riesling 'grinning' into the Snapfish Funny Pets contest. Voting is open all week, so head on over and give our pup five stars... you have until the end of the day on...

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