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Building a fire patio

Building a fire patio

We've used a small copper fire bowl for our backyard fires for years. Normally we'd set it up in the middle of the yard, clearing a small patch of leaves and pine needles. It worked ok, but it could...

NC Fall Foliage

NC Fall Foliage

We've had some nice fall color in Durham the last few weeks, with different patches of the yard turning color at different times. dogwood in the front yard backyard view Japanese maple close-up...

Duke Gardens, July 2012

Last weekend we went to Duke Gardens to check out the summer flowers and to exercise my macro lens. The flowers were as impressive as ever, but the insect life was also quite interesting: notice the...

Late June garden

Late June garden

This weekend North Carolina is experiencing the same heat wave as most of the US, so our plants are bit thirstier than normal. Before this we've seen great weather so our flowers have been quite...

Early June garden

We've had a stretch of excellent weather in NC with cool evenings and periodic rains that have given our garden a boost of growth. In particular, our lavender has been blooming like mad and you can...

a backyard landscaping weekend

In March we had a landscaping company come out and do most of the heavy lifting to get our backyard in shape. To finish it off we needed to add new plants and more mulch. On Friday, we had 5 cubic...

Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

As luck would have it, our visit to Brussels coincided with one of the three weeks that the Royal Greenhouses are open in 2011. As soon as I found out I made it my one must-see site for this trip....

early morning farmer’s market run

It's spring again and that means another year of trying to score an heirloom sungold tomato plant from Craig and Susan LeHoullier. We got started too late last Saturday and by the time we arrived at...

February showers bring March flowers

The recent rainfall along with the warm temperature has brought most everything in our garden to life over the last few weeks, and we are fully in mid-spring in Durham. Some photos from the garden:...

The garden in November

Even with the drought we still have a few plants that have provided us some color late into November. For example, we planted hardy cyclamen several years ago, and they send up flowers every fall....

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2024 Trips

San Diego, CA (Jan)
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Madrid, Spain (Mar)
Valencia, Spain (Mar+Apr)
Palma, Mallorca (Apr)
Croatia (May)
Faroe Islands (Aug)
London, UK (Sept)
Bari, Italy (Sept)
Rome, Italy (Oct)
Frankfurt, Germany (Oct)

2022 Trips

Florida (Feb)
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Washington DC (Apr)
Valencia, Spain (May)
Hilton Head, SC (May)
Pacific NW (Jun)
Long Island (Jul)
Florida (Sept)
Chicago (Sept)
Poland (Sept)
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Euro Xmas Markets (Dec)