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European Spring 2024: 30 hours in Chicago

European Spring 2024: 30 hours in Chicago

Our flight to Spain left Chicago O'Hare on Monday, so we decided to position ourselves in the city on Sunday just in case of travel delays. Unfortunately, Southwest only had an early Sunday morning...

Chicago, December 2021

Chicago, December 2021

A trip to meet up with Leandra's sister and family in early November fell apart, so we decided to fly up to Chicago for a long weekend in December. Since we also had a free Hilton night we needed to...

Memorial Day Weekend in downtown Chicago

Memorial Day Weekend in downtown Chicago

Over Memorial Day weekend we took advantage of the Monday off and flew up to Chicago for a short trip. We spent half the time in the city (using up a free night certificate) and half the time with...

Istanbul 2015: 20 hours in Chicago

Istanbul 2015: 20 hours in Chicago

Chicago's blue line makes it relatively straightforward to get from the airport to downtown, and after one transfer and a few blocks walk we were at the Park Hyatt an hour or so after we had landed....

My little niece

My little niece

Our trip to Chicago last weekend was a lot of fun. While Eric was primarily up there to attend a travel workshop, my sole purpose was to cram in as much time with my 15-month-old niece as possible....

A weekend in Chicago

Three days after returning from Europe we found ourselves once again on a jet, this time bound for Chicago. A Chicago with snow in the forecast... That night we checked into the W hotel. They had...

the ceremony

So even after all the craziness that led up to the ceremony last weekend, the actual wedding went off without a hitch. Thankfully, I didn't once trip on the stairs leading up to the altar any of the...

the rehearsal

We had only a half hour scheduled for the rehearsal on Friday night and the priest was very efficient in giving everyone their jobs while occasionally injecting jokes into the barrage of...

day before the big day

On the day of the rehearsal dinner, Eric and I took the train downtown a little early to take advantage of the Art Institute of Chicago's free admission summer days after 5pm. We had a little extra...

Wedding prep

We are in Chicago for Lauren and Michael's wedding. Last night, Friday, we went to the rehearsal at Holy Name cathedral, followed by a tasty dinner at Wildfire. Leandra was up very, very...


I have a few things to mention! My E&L Gallery went very well. I think everyone had a good time save for the tiredness of being out until 2am+ for the bachelorette party the night before. Note...

new shoes!

A mere two hours before leaving for the airport on Monday, Lynn and I went to DSW in Schaumburg for a little shoe shopping. I came away with three (so cute!) pairs and she got two. Thanks, Dad! :)...

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2024 Trips

San Diego, CA (Jan)
Sarasota, FL (Feb)
Madrid, Spain (Mar)
Valencia, Spain (Mar+Apr)
Palma, Mallorca (Apr)
Croatia (May)
Faroe Islands (Aug)
London, UK (Sept)
Bari, Italy (Sept)
Rome, Italy (Oct)
Frankfurt, Germany (Oct)

2022 Trips

Florida (Feb)
NC Mountains (Apr)
Washington DC (Apr)
Valencia, Spain (May)
Hilton Head, SC (May)
Pacific NW (Jun)
Long Island (Jul)
Florida (Sept)
Chicago (Sept)
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Euro Xmas Markets (Dec)