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Summer Euro 2013: Berlin

Summer Euro 2013: Berlin

It felt a bit strange to return to a foreign city just one month later, but also comforting to already know my way around parts of the city. Leandra's primary mission on this trip to Berlin was to...

Germany & France, July 2013: Berlin street art

Germany & France, July 2013: Berlin street art

My flight from JFK arrived fairly early in the morning, so after checking in I headed out to join the 11a 'Alternative Berlin Tour' since I knew it would highlight some of Berlin's famous street...

Germany & France, July 2013: Berlin sights

Germany & France, July 2013: Berlin sights

Leandra and I visited Berlin over a long weekend here in 2009 so I had seen some of the tourist checklist items, leaving me a bit more freedom to explore a few new places.  This time I was in Berlin...

Berlin, the East Side Gallery

Once a meaningful and historic spot, the East Side Gallery murals have become overrun with graffiti in the last few years. It's very difficult in many cases to determine what the original artwork...

Berlin sights: part 2

Once we left the Berliner Dom, the weather got progressively worse until we found ourselves at dinner soaking wet from running through the streets of Berlin in a downpour for 15 minutes to get back...

Berlin sights: part 1

During our 2o hours in Berlin, we managed to pack in quite a lot of sightseeing. It helped that we only spent about 4 hours of that sleeping. :) The Brandenburg Gate is magnificent in person. You...

Germany tidbits

If you have never flown into Berlin, be prepared to go through passport control upon exiting the plane, like, 50 feet after getting off the plane. Interestingly, each gate has it's own baggage claim...

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